Table Plans & Table Plan Cards

Table Plans & Table Plan Cards


Table Plans are usually A2 with up to 10 tables – £60. The plans are thick board which is mounted with 100% cotton on both sides and finished off with coloured card borders in your choice to match your theme. The reverse is also decorated with a mini version of your Day Invitation (if you purchased them as well).

For the Map Table Plan this is extra at £85 and is A1 size with A3 map in the middle
Add the Pins and String at £7.50

Table Plan cards are also available so that you can attach them to your own display.
Any size up to A6 – £2.50 each
Any size up to A6 with coloured card border – £3 each

Order a sample for £1 to check colours etc. I will email to confirm details. An individual table from the plan will be sent or a separate table plan card.

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